About Me


Hi, I’m Jenn, a wedding, event and portrait photographer based in Lima, Peru and Sarasota, Florida. I am terrible at autobiographies so here are 20 random things about me.

1. I grew up in South Florida and spent my summers in Ohio (in a suburb of Toledo). I’m grateful that I got to grow up experiencing glitz, glam and cultural diversity as well as small town charm and values.

2. I love to cook! I grew up in my grandfather’s restaurant and have many chef’s on both sides of my family.

3. I will definitly bust a move at your wedding reception (see evidence below).

4. I’m a big fan of quirky and offbeat and I make snarky cross stitch patterns that I sell on etsy. 

5. I love the mid-afternoon thunderstorms in Florida.

6. I studied Photography at Bowling Green State University. I was originally placed in the Fine Art program but eventually realized it was not for me and I was granted permission to create my own Major. Technically, I graduated with a Bachelor of Art in “Visual Photographic Studies” with a minor in Fine Art. I was able to pick the courses that I thought would best fit with my vision. Other than photography courses, I filled my last 2 years of school with mostly psychology, literature & popular culture classes.

7. I spend most of my time in hoodies and black yoga pants (#momlife).

8. Speaking of #momlife, I have two gorgeous kiddos that are my entire world. They are bilingual and also speak fluent spanglish.

9. In addition to photography I am also a writer, currently working on my second novel.

10. I have taken a four year break from wedding photography while living overseas but I cannot wait to jump back in with a fresh prespective. 


11. I have a very eclectic taste in music with Deftones being my all time favorite. Most of my brian space is taken up with song lyrics.

12. The first time I dyed my hair with Manic Panic, I was so excited to try the new shade of magenta I found that I didn’t read the application instructions. I mistakenly thought it was just like the boxed dye from the drug store. When I got into the shower to wash it out, I noticed the entire shower and my whole body was turning magenta! I scrubbed and scrubbed but nothing worked. Eventually, I turned off the water and sat in the bathtub sobbing until my dad, his girlfriend and two of theirfriends came into the bathroom. That night we tried everything from making me sit in the chlorinated pool to scrubbing me down with turpentine, nothing worked. My teeth were even magenta. From then on, if I wanted to use Manic Panic, my dad would get out the rubber gloves, lawn chair & a hose and do it for me in the front yard. 

13. I’m a gamer. I used to play video games (World of Worcraft from 2004-2010. For The Horde!) but after becoming a mom I found that I enjoyed table top gaming much more. Games I love include: Dungeons & Dragons, Zombicide, Carcassonne, Ticket to Ride, Flux, Bohnanza and Cards Against Humanity.

14. My mom taught aerobics in the mid 80’s (yes, you remember, legwarmers, sweatbands & neon leotards) and there was nothing I loved more as a kid than putting on her work out gear and dancing around our apartment to the Flash Dance Soundtrack. At one point she actually worked for Richard Simmons.

15. Tea is my drink of choice (hot or cold).

16. I’m a podcast junkie. My favorites include: My Favorite Murder, Reply All, My Dad Wrote a Porno, Heavyweight, This American Life, Grown Ups Read Things They Wrote As Kids and Stuff You Should Know.

17. My friends say I have an exceptional memory and an infectious smile.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

18. I love Cuban, Thai and Indian food.

19. At 5‘4” I am taller than my mother and both of her parents and Peru is the first place I’ve ever been concidered “tall”.

20. When I was 7, I fell off my bike and slid over a few feet of asphalt face down. I broke my arm and scraped a good portion of skin off of my face. It never left a scar, but I also never got on a bike again until just this past summer (31 years later).