Julie & Luke - Engaged!

I met up with Julie & Luke on Sunday afternoon and we spent some time wandering around Sugarloaf Winery and the surrounding area and made some lovely pictures. I am really looking forward to their wedding this fall. They are adorable, goofy, and generally just good company. I love love!


Happy Spring!

Yesterday I got to shoot two really special sessions! Newborn “Baby N” and Julie & Luke’s engagement photos. Here is just a small teaser.

It's those "O" kids again!

You might remember these cute faces from the fall. We went out today to grab a few shots of the boys together. I love what we got!

 This one is totally my favorite!

Sarah & Anthony - A Maryland Maternity Session!

Sarah is a great friend of Lakshmi and I was thrilled when she contacted me AGES ago about doing these maternity pictures for her. I was so excited to finally do them last Sunday.


 I gotta admit this next one gives me a touch of baby fever!

 We were all thrilled when we were able to get outside for a few shots in the neighborhood.

 Stay tuned for their NEWBORN pictures when the little guy arrives!

Hi Team Practical!

It has come to my attention that today Jenn & Brandon’s Wedding Gratudate post as well as a Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants update both came out on A Practical Wedding. Because of that and the increased traffic to the blog I wanted to say a special hello to all of you.

Normally I offer Team Practical members a 10% discount on your wedding package but for 2 weeks I am offering you all 20% off and FREE TRAVEL to the following areas: ALL of Virginia, DC, Maryland, Delaware & New Jersey. Philadelphia (and suburbs) & NYC. Just mention APW in your inquiry!

Now that I have that out of there way here are some of my favorite shots of Team Practcal couples (starting with Jenn & Brandon of course)!

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Emily & James - The Wedding!

I was so so so lucky to be able to go to Miami to shoot the wedding of one of my nearest & dearest, Emily. I know I mentioned over the summer how much I was looking forward to the event, well it finally happened on December 30th! After a crazy trip down  on the auto train with a sick baby I had gotten very ill myself and I felt like a total mess on the wedding day. It was a bummer to not be able to party like I had anticipated but I still had a very fun time.

Emily got ready at the Hilton Fort Lauderdale Maria Hotel and then had their wedding at the always AMAZING Ancient Spanish Monastery in North Miami.

 Emily totally did some DIY magic on those killer shoes.

 We did a quick first look and I adore these two shots, in the first one I love Emily’s expression and in the second James is just beaming after seeing Emily!

 Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you the quickest ceremony in history….

Yea, that was MAYBE 5 minutes! 

 Ugh isn’t she just so stunning?

 James isn’t so bad either.

 He’s a total superhero!

 I normally don’t post this many reception photos but we just had such a great time that I wanted to share a lot.

 My kid made for a good photobooth prop (and there I am with Emily in the last photo).

 What a fantastic day. I was so lucky to be there.

Oh and I can’t resist showing you all just how old school Emily and I are….

This was at a Marilyn Manson concert in like what? 96 or 97? 

Upload from January 23, 2012

Fall Mini-Sessions! Part 7

Look at these boys!!!! Ugh so cute I can’t even stand it! This is the “T” family. They are personal friends of ours who recently moved down to Virginia. I had such fun photographing the chaos that comes with 3 silly boys. I think we really got some great stuff.


 Little “B” was having too much fun with his big brothers.


Fall Mini-Sessions! Part 6

The “S” family. This is the only family that I shot last Sunday that I hadn’t already met. My heart just melted over little “M”. He is just sooooo adorable, sweet and fun.

 Such a sweet little family.

 They are kinda silly too!


Fall Mini-Sessions! Part 5

The “R” family! This family is very near and dear to me. Mom is a great friend of mine and her son “A” is one of the coolest little dudes that I know. He can make my son smile and giggle like nobody else. We quite a fun 30 minutes!

 Aren’t mom & dad the CUTEST?!


Fall Mini-Sessions! Part 4

The Adorable “B” family! Sweet baby “A” is just one month younger than my sweet boy and I just wanted to eat her up! Love her!

Upload from November 19, 2011

Upload from November 19, 2011

Upload from November 19, 2011

Upload from November 19, 2011

 How big is “A”?!

Upload from November 19, 2011