Memorial Day Weekend with N & R - Saturday Part 1

 On Saturday the 29th I had the pleasure of photographing 2 pre-wedding events for N & R. The first which I am posting here was a late morning / early afternoon prayer ceremony with just N’s family. There were lots of different ceremonies mixed into the day and I feel terrible not knowing the names of each part. However, I do know that part of it was the Pithi Ceremony. And boy was N STUNNING in that yellow turmeric paste (see below)!

First is N’s beautiful mother in prayer:


 And then a quick ceremony outside with some of the young men of the family.




 Now N is getting ready for the Pithi.


 Mom starts off the ceremony.


 And before you know it… we have a yellow N!



 While she went to shower there were more prayers and then some gift giving by relatives.



 I love this one of N fresh from the shower putting her jewelery on. She then joined her parents for more prayers.

nr-satblog-11.jpg nr-satblog-12.jpg nr-satblog-13.jpg

 Finally the afternoon ended with an event that I believe is called Jaago, where women put decorative pots over their head and have a precession with singing and dancing to celebrate the next days events.

nr-satblog-14.jpg nr-satblog-15.jpg

Next up we will have part two of Saturday which was the Garba & Mendhi!

Reeba & Jeby - Engaged!

So not only did I shoot Suthima & Tristan on Sunday, I went home, napped & then met Reeba & Jeby out for their session right before sunset! What a day. We had a little location drama and had to race to beat the sunset but I think we came up with some AMAZING images. These two are so adorable!

Can we say OMG here?! Reeba has guts! It was HER idea to get up on this log over the creek for some shots.


Can’t wait for their August wedding!

Suthima & Tristan - Mothers Day E-Session!

I met up with Suthima & Tristan in DC at 7 in the morning on Sunday! Yes, we are crazy! However, the lighting was just right, the crowdless areas were just right… it all was JUST RIGHT. So we had a great session and here is the proof!

Apparently Tristan HATES having his picture taken. I think he did a wonderful job, don’t you?

Carolyn & Marcello - A May Day Wedding!

 Words can’t even describe what a great wedding this was. I was just thrilled to kick off my 2010 weddings with this one. I think Carolyn & Marcello are the coolest couple and that came through with every aspect of their unique wedding at the amazing 2941 Restaurant.

First I met Carolyn at her hotel while she was getting ready.

cmblog02.jpg cmblog01.jpg

 I adored her vintage inspired hair style!


 And those HOT shoes!


 Next I headed over to the restaurant to get some pictures of Marcello and all of their guests arriving for the wedding.


 Look at Marcello trying to keep calm after he sees his stunning bride walking down the aisle.

cmblog06.jpg cmblog07.jpg


cmblog11.jpg cmblog12.jpg

 Did you see those flowers that Carolyn’s sisters were carrying?!?!




 cmblog15.jpg cmblog16.jpg

 We had some time for portraits before the reception started while the guests enjoyed cocktails on the patio.

cmblog17.jpg cmblog18.jpg cmblog19.jpg

 I love that these two never take themselves too seriously and have a wonderful sense of humor.

cmblog20.jpg cmblog21.jpg

 mmm cake!

cmblog22.jpg cmblog23.jpg

 I love when my couples specify that they would like me to spend time getting those truly candid moments. That is really what the day is all about!

cmblog24.jpg cmblog25.jpg cmblog26.jpg cmblog27.jpg

 How could you not just adore these two?

cmblog28.jpg cmblog29.jpg

Another Weekend Teaser!

Tis’ the Season!

Suthima & Tristan and Reeba & Jeby’s awesome E-sessions were this weekend.

Stay tuned!

Liz & John in Old Town Alexandria

 Last Friday I met up with Liz & John in Old Town to take their engagment pictures. The weather was supposed to be cool but it quckly warmed up and made for a gorgeous day. We tried our best to avoid the heat & direct sunlight which led to some really sweet pictures. Enjoy!

ljblog-01.jpg ljblog-02.jpg ljblog-03.jpg ljblog-04.jpg ljblog-07.jpg ljblog-06.jpg ljblog-05.jpg ljblog-08.jpg

Look out for their wedding photos at the end of June!

Weekend Teaser!

Friday night I rocked Old Town Alexandria with Liz & John and Saturday I tore it up with Carolyn & Marcello at their wedding at 2941 Restaurant!

Stay tuned for more pictures, I know you wanna!

Jacquelyn & Matthew, an anniversary shoot in Central Park!

So 2 years ago I shot some fantastic photographs for my cousin Jacquelyn and her husband Matthew for their 5 year anniversary. Well guess what? Now it’s their 7th!! 7 years married and I think about 11 together. These two are so sweet, generous & kind. I am so happy to have them in my life and to be able to call them my family.

They live very close to Central Park so we thought that would be the ideal location for their shoot. After shooting and getting some lunch we went back to their place and did some more shots on the roof.



N & R - Engaged!


I am just so in love with these pictures from my session with N & R in Brooklyn!

Rahul very thoughtfully planned out every location and I was so grateful as I am not familiar with the area. He has a great eye and picked out some stunning locations. I think we walked a few miles in the course of this session but the sore feet were totally worth it. I also had to work off the super yummy pizza they treated me to!

I am shooting their wedding next month down here in DC but since Rahul lives in Brooklyn they really wanted to have their engagement sesion up there. I mean who wouldn’t want to take a trip up to New York in the spring to photograph such a beautiful couple!?

First stop was the Brooklyn Bridge:

And then down to the DUMBO area:

And then a stunning view of the Brooklyn Bridge & Manhattan skyline:

I don’t recall what this are was but it seemed to be a popular place for picture taking!

After pizza we ran back to Rahul’s place for an outfit change and then jumped into a cab to shoot more at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. WOW was this place stunning!!! Who needs to deal with the madness in DC when you can get Cherry Blossom shots like these?

I highly recomend going there if you are in Brooklyn and get a chance!

I can not wait for the wedding of these lovely high school sweethearts. What a great way to kick off the 2010 wedding season!

JLP - The NYC edition!

Hey Everyone!

I just got back from a weekend trip to New York City where I shot two AMAZING portrait sessions. I am so excited to share these that I just had to put up a preview for you all to see!

Meet Jacquelyn and Matthew & N & R:


Stay tuned!!