2010 is going to be AWESOME! Baby Robert sneak peek!

How can a year not be great when your first shoot is THIS little angel?


So much more to come!

Carly & Kris - The Wedding!

 A few weeks ago I drove out to Rose Hill Manor to photograph the wedding of Carly & Kris. I have been so excited for the wedding since our e-session in June!

It was a great day but with day light savings time we had to work fast! Lunkily they decided to do a first look once we realized it would be pitch black by the time their ceremony was over!

ckwed-001.jpg ckwed-028.jpg

 Carly was super excited about her rockin’ blue shoes!


 I love how nervous Kris looks here!

ckwed-903.jpg ckwed-054.jpg

 What a stunning bride!

ckwed-902.jpg ckwed-101bw.jpg

I totally dig this serious shot of the guys!


 Carly is the best. She totally suprised Kris with an autographed Steelers jersey. Kris was SHOCKED! What’s even cooler is that it was signed in permanent paint so that it is totally wearable!


 She had to see what he thought of it!


 The ceremony was full or moments like this. I think they were both so excited and nervous at the same time.


 The really wanted me to focus on candid shots and I was thrilled to be able to do that for them. I love candid moments!

ckwed-358.jpg ckwed-901.jpg ckwed-528.jpg ckwed-431.jpg

 The set up a cigar bar out on the front porch and it was a huge hit! I don’t think I ever saw that before but it was a great idea.



Carly & Kris.. It was a blast!!

Payal & Kevin - Part 2! Barat & Ceremony!

 I am not going to bore you with all my reasons for falling behind with my blogging and just get to the good stuff!

Delish details by Partyland:


 The start of the Barat captured by Maria:

pkwed-375.jpg pkwed-380.jpg

 So much fun!

pkwed-903.jpg pkwed-445.jpg pkwed-440.jpg pkwed-433.jpg pkwed-449.jpg pkwed-454.jpg pkwed-458.jpg

 And the ceremony starts!

pkwed-901.jpg pkwed-516.jpg

 Kevin was having a good time playing with Payal…

pkwed-904.jpg pkwed-526.jpg

 Until her relatives took matters into their own hands!

pkwed-533.jpg pkwed-548.jpg pkwed-577.jpg pkwed-902.jpg pkwed-603.jpg pkwed-623.jpg pkwed-900.jpg

 And as were were very quickly losing light for the day they jumped the broom!


If you missed part one of this awesome wedding you can see it here on the old blog!

My first post

 Ah a nice new blog! I love it!

Today I went out and practiced shooting with a tilt-shift lens that I rented for this weekends wedding.

Here is some of what I got!

DSC_5068web.jpg DSC_5098web.jpg DSC_5092web.jpg DSC_5116web.jpg DSC_5127web.jpg