Updates from Lima Part 3

Here are some more of my wonderful portrait sessions from my first year here in Lima, Peru!

Updates from Lima Part 2

More work from my time in Lima, Peru so far!


Fall 2016 Update (Spring in Peru)

Well it has been over a year since we moved to Lima, Peru so I thought it was time to share some of the work I have been doing! Between all the portrait sessions I have done some events (that I will not be posting) as well as a lot of work for a local Crossfit box (that I will be posting). Stay tuned for updates!

Oh and the other big change is that after SEVEN years of marriage I have finally change my business name from Jenn Link Photography to just simply my name, Jennifer Leonhard.


I’d love to shoot some international weddings in 2017 so if you know anyone send them my way.

Emily & Jimmy - A Maryland Spring 2015 Wedding

Initially I didn’t want to book any weddings or 2015 because we didn’t know when we would get our move orders. I ended up shooting this sweet wedding after Emily’s mother contacted me to see if I was available on short notice. Emily is good friends with one of my favorite brides, Suthima. I loved every moment of this day!

 And the lovely Suthima and Tristan. <3

May 2015 in Virginia

This will wrap up the portrait sessions I shot in Virginia this year. One gorgeous afternoon with three equally gorgeous families!

Samantha & Steven - A 2014 Richmond Wedding

The last wedding to blog from 2014 is Samatha & Steven’s. They had a gorgeous day in Richmond.


The B Family - 2015 in Montclair

As we were preparing for our move to Peru, I shot a few portrait sessions and one wedding. Here is a session I had at our local neighborhood lake.


Caroline - Christening

Last winter it was unseasonably warm in Virginia and I was able to snag some shots of this little cutie right in my backyard.

Sarah & Karl - Geek Love in Brooklyn!

Be still my heart! This August 2014 wedding was heaven for me. I met Sarah & Karl when I shot Sarah’s sisters wedding in Williamsburg, VA. We hit it off right away (Martha knew we would) and I was over the moon when they decided to hire me to shoot their wedding at the Bellhouse in Brooklyn, NY

Here are a few of my favorite things!

1. Sarah & Karl met playing World of Warcraft just like my husband and I!

2. The drama! (gorgeous red dress, dramatic lighting….)

3. The light-up D20!

4. The music! I can’t remember the name of the band but they were soooo good.

5. Awesome BBQ catering.


Jessica & Jim - Meridian House

In July 2014 I shot this amazing and gorgeous wedding at the Meridian House I got to work with the always fantastic, Tracy, from Events to a T . Jessica and Jim were suh a pleasure to work with and I loved every second of this day. I just realized I never blogged their snowy engagement session in Philadelphia so I’ll have to dig through my archives for that one soon.