Erin & Doug - An intimate Richmond, VA wedding.

On April 21st I kicked off 2012 with an intimate wedding down in Richmond, VA. It was my first weding down there and I just loved it! They had their wedding at The Visual Arts Center of Richmond and it was perfect for them. Erin contacted me after she found me on A Practical Wedding (love love love my APW brides) and just based on that I knew we would be a good match.

As it turned out these two actually got married last March and put together this celebration with friends and family a year later.


 A little “first look” action!

 Loved the cloth flag bunting!

The grooms reaction to the bride walking down the asile is hands down one of my favorite things to capture! Even when couples see eachother before the ceremony it’s still such a special moment.

 After the ceremony the guests enjoyed a lovely cocktail hour and a laid back lunch with the couple.

 My time was spent taking pitures of the details and tons of candids. One of my favorite things that I learned about the coupld was that Doug (I assume trying to deter a marriage) said that if he ever got married it would have to be Planet of the Apes themed. Ering gladly said “Sure, that sounds good!” (see table decor). I’m betting that played into him knowing she was the one…

It was a great, low-key way to kick off my year and I am so lucky to have been a part of their day!

Hashini & Shripal are STUNNING!

Aren’t they?!

 More to come soon.

JLP loves Erin & Doug!

First wedding of 2012 was fantastic! More from Erin & Dougs Richmond wedding soon.

Those sweet "D" boys!

So when I booked this session and was gathering information from mom and she informed me of the boys ages (3mo, 2 & 6) I asked her what her absolute priority was because one of those ages is VERY tricky. I bet you can guess which one…

Yes, that would be TWO! When she said a photo of the 3 little guys together I knew we had to hit that right away to make sure we got the best out of J2 (they all have J names so they will be J1, J2 & J3 from here on). I think we did pretty good.

 With that done we had time for a few individual shots.

 J2 was making J3 smile and coo, I LOVE it! Baby smiles just make your whole day brighter.

 J2 was way into the sand!

 Aren’t the shirts adorable?!

 Overall I would call this a sucess. I had fun and hope to see these cool guys again!

The "D" Boys!

For some reason I just adore this shot that would normally be an outtake! More to come of this session soon.


Thanks for patiently waiting for these photos all week! 

As I mentioned before we were out celebrating Jay’s lost teeth last Sunday night as well as taking some special pictures for his fireman dad.

I love everything we got, enjoy!

 Have a great Holiday everyone!

Teasers - Jay and his missing teeth!

I met up with Jay and his mom tonight for a very special session. This guy just lost 2 teeth!!!!

 We also took some pictures to surprise his firefighter dad for his birthday.

 Oh and it was “take your kid to work day” for me which was a first but it was the only way we were going to make this session happen. He actually had a blast, Jay was cracking him up the whole time we were at the fire station. 

Upload from April 02, 2012

More to come in a few days!

Taryn & Liam - Engaged & Loving the Cherry Blossoms!

I met up with these two last Friday and to be honest I was totally skeptical. I even sent Taryn pictures of cherry blossom crowds and kept asking if she was sure she wanted to do this “insane crazy” thing we call the DC Cherry Blossoms. Well I think she was totally determined to make it work since we were sccared of the forcasted stormy weekend that didn’t really happen.

Anyhow, I was converted! Cherry blossoms can be done during peak viewing time!

See for yourself:

 I was even able to get a Washington Monument shot for them!

 Of course I had to get some showing the crowds.

Aren’t they just so cute? They recently moved up here from Miami and I don’t know how I am going to be able to wait until November for their big day at the Ancient Spanish Monestary down there.

Leave them some love if you like the pictures!

Taryn & Liam!

Yes, we rocked the DC cherry blossoms on a Friday afternoon, we’ve got skillz!


Just a teaser for now!

Sweet Baby "N"!

You may remember a few months ago I posted Sarah’s maternity photos. Well HE IS HERE! Sweet and perfect. 

He started out a little fussy.

 Turns out, like most newborns, he was tired and hungry!

 After a little milk he got drowsy.

 But to really knock him out we had him rock with Sarah.

 And then he was knocked out in dreamland. 

Upload from March 19, 2012

 Oh boy does this give me baby fever!